Welcome to Malvern Hills Business Forum

Malvern Hills Business Forum aims to provide a meeting place for anyone who runs a business or has decided to start  one.  It exists is to provide the exchange of ideas, encouragement and support between fellow business owners. So, whether you are just starting out or have been running a business for years, please join us and support your local business community.

No need to join - and it's free!

You don't have to become a member to come to meetings and it doesn't cost you anything.

Come to Malvern Hills Business Forum to get helpful advice and support for your business, as well as contacts and networking

Come and join us at our monthly meetings

We meet once a month, on the third Tuesday of the month from 7.00pm to 9.30pm

At the meetings there is usually a presentation or discussion on a relevant business topic plus plenty of time for networking. You will be able to:

  • Discuss business issues
  • Share ideas
  • Network informally with like-minded business owners
  • Get help and advice
  • Learn about business
  • Build long lasting business relationships

We meet at two locations during the year:

We meet at the Wyche Innovation Centre in Walwyn Road, Malvern during the summer (April-September).  This is located near Wyche Cutting. Car parking is available on site. The postcode is WR13 6PJ.

For the winter, we move to BLOOM.Space at The Grange, Grange Road Malvern (October-March).  This is located to the left of Malvern Theatres, as viewed when facing the main theatre entrance. The postcode is WR14 3HA.

We have turned ourselves into a virtual networking group for the foreseeable future.

We are meeting monthly online at 7.30pm on a Tuesday. A link to the meeting is sent out in our newsletter, so please sign up to join in.

We are currently having a summer break and will resume in September.

There is no cost for the meeting, but you have to provide your own refreshments, of course.

Just come along and join us!

All are welcome

We are open to all businesses which operate or are based in the Malvern Hills area, i.e. Malvern, Upton, Colwall, Ledbury and all points around the hills.

You will be welcome whether you are a new business or an established one.

We have people from all types of businesses involved in the group. There are no limits on the numbers of people from any given type of business who can join or attend.

Sign up for news

We send out a newsletter in advance of each meeting, please sign up if you wish to hear about future meetings.

Why join the Malvern Hills Business Forum?

The aim of Malvern Hills Business Forum (MHBF) is to provide a friendly environment where potential, new and established businesses can come together to share advice and learn from others. We meet once a month, in the evening so that we don’t clash with the normal working day or other networking events. We also run a LinkedIn group where people can ask questions and chat in between meetings.

By joining you will:

  • find a safe place to discuss business topics and share ideas
  • gather information on issues that could affect your business
  • get help and advice
  • learn about business and how to improve your practices
  • build relationships, and as a result, build your business
  • have fun and relax

A chance to present

The talks are usually given by members, although we do have some outside speakers. For new business owners, giving a talk provides a good opportunity to publicise their business and also to hone their presentation skills in front of a friendly audience. The discussions are also led by members and these can be on any business subject. The topic for the discussion is selected by the members usually a month before. In the recent past we have discussed subjects as diverse as LinkedIn, cybersecurity, GDPR, business finance and what works in marketing.

We get a complete cross-section of business people attending.  Some of the regulars are experienced business people who are willing to give help and advice. Others are just starting up.

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